The Internet forever changed the way people communicated across distances and connected with one another.  Today, there is compelling evidence that web 2.0 and the use of social media tools is the next evolution of communication and human interaction using the web.  This has created a significant and somewhat complex development in the connections that can be built between people, and it can be particularly complex for government officials.


Government 2.0 has moved beyond the “what is it” to the “how to do we do it” stage.  There is a strong interest in the government community to understand the structure, procedures, policies and drawbacks of all these new web 2.0 tools that have been latched on to with such excitement and expectation.  


The Strategy and Implementation of Social Media webinar looks at creating an effective  social media strategy which is flexible and adaptable due to the frequent changes within the social media landscape.  Consideration also must be placed to the resources necessary to keep any social media vehicles thriving.


Once an organizations social media vehicle is launched, there is an expectation by users that it will be useful and serve a purpose.  In government we have to keep in mind that bad social media is much worse than no social media.  Case studies represented on this panel will present on how their social media program ties to the strategic initiatives of the government for communication, employee development (recruitment) and citizen engagement.  This webinar will also include real world examples that achieved measurable results or are heading in that direction.


This is Part I of a two part webinar series.  Part II is Policy Issues and Risk Management of Social Media.


Product Information
Product Date:
February 25, 2010
Product Objectives
  • Understand the development of social media strategies.
Strategy and Implementation of Social Media
Speaker Information
Joelle Castelli   [ view bio ]
Carissa Frasca Cutrell   [ view bio ]
Bill Greeves   [ view bio ]
Cindy Hart   [ view bio ]
Christopher Longshore   [ view bio ]
Tanner Lucas   [ view bio ]
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