The Internet forever changed the way people communicated across distances and connected with one another.  Today, there is compelling evidence that web 2.0 and the use of social media tools is the next evolution of communication and human interaction using the web.  This has created a significant and somewhat complex development in the connections that can be built between people, and it can be particularly complex for government officials.

Government 2.0 has moved beyond the “what is it” to the “how to do we do it” stage.  There is a strong interest in the government community to understand the structure, procedures, policies and drawbacks of all these new web 2.0 tools that have been latched on to with such excitement and expectation.  

The Alliance for Innovation hosted a webinar series dedicated to the topic of social media.  These events featured Bill Greeves, Director of Communications and Information Technology from Roanoke County, VA as our facilitator.  Joining Billare local government case studies that include representatives from a diversity of roles, levels of government and involvement in 2.0

Policy Issues and Risk Management of Social Media focused on the policy side – what do effective policies look like, how do you develop them, and how often are they revisited.  On the risk management side the impact of social media on employees (and their spouses or friends), recruitment, and elected officials.   The rise of social media provides us with a great opportunity to engage others in new ways, but it is not without its pitfalls.  During this webinar we will look at the impact of personal involvement in social media of public employees and the legal considerations.

This is Part II of a two part webinar series.  Part I is Strategy and Implementation of Social Media.

Product Information
Product Date:
March 11, 2010
Product Objectives
  • Developing a social media policy for local government.
  • Risk management associated with social media for local governments.
Policy Issues and Risks of Social Media
Speaker Information
Nancy Cowan   [ view bio ]
Leslie Fuentes   [ view bio ]
Bill Greeves   [ view bio ]
Adriel Hampton   [ view bio ]
Tanner Lucas   [ view bio ]
Rob Petty   [ view bio ]
Michelle Stegman   [ view bio ]
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