"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."  Dr. Linus Pauling

How do you obtain the fresh and thoughtful ideas that are needed to do the business of government in tough times?  Think Imagination Banks – the effective use of suggestion programs and methods to harness the creative ideas of your organizations.

Suggestion programs can offer government organizations significant benefits including cost savings, productivity increases, decreased waste, improved quality, safety, customer service, improved culture, employee motivation and employee satisfaction. Employee suggestion systems have been in existence for over one hundred years in one form or another ranging from the proverbial employee suggestion box to fully-developed employee suggestion systems overseen by administrators, evaluators and idea specialists.  Now governments are not only tapping the creativity of their employees, but also looking to citizens for the idea generation that can lead to a more effective, efficient and transformed organization.

During this Alliance for Innovation Webinar, we  take a look at the elements of a quality suggestion program and we will hear from local governments that have successfully implemented suggestion programs and used it to create positive change for their organizations.

Product Information
Product Date:
April 20, 2010
Product Objectives
  • Review examples of local government suggestion programs.
Imagination Banks - Suggestion Programs that Work Webinar
Speaker Information
Michael Baker   [ view bio ]
Richard Hasko   [ view bio ]
Karine Shirinian   [ view bio ]
Dr. James Svara   [ view bio ]
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