"The social fabric of community is formed from an expanding sense of belonging.  It is shaped by the idea that only when we are connected and care for the well-being of the whole that a civil and democratic society is created."— Peter Block, Community The Structure of Belonging

We live in a changing world.  There is a growing sense of disconnectedness and strife that is fracturing our communities.  In government this results in citizens at two ends of the spectrum, those that mistrust and are skeptical of government and those that are looking to government to find the solutions and fix the problems.  With shrinking resources and internal pressures, this can seem like an overwhelming task.

So where do the answers lie for a future distinct from the past?  The truth is it will take all of the resources within a community to make for a thriving future.  It will involve citizens and businesses, educational institutions, and our religious organizations.  It will require people to come together, understand the issues and develop a shared reality for the future.  One not dominated by special interest or the naysayers in our communities, but rather by the heart of a connected community.

View the Alliance for Innovation as we welcome Peter Block to the webinar on Building Connected Communities.  Peter will share his insights on Community and the Sense of Belonging during a guest spot on this webinar.  We continue the program with several local government case studies which provide stellar examples of how citizen engagement is making a difference in their communities.

Case studies will also be presented by:

·         Carlsbad, CA - Using citizen engagement tactics to lay out the vision for the city

·         Lynchburg, VA - Citizen engagement in the form of study circles to deal with race relations

·         Tamarac, FL - Harnessing the power of citizen academies to set priorities and further engage citizens  

Product Information
Product Date:
May 06, 2010
Product Objectives
  • Real world advice on how to engage the community and help build support in these times of financial stress
  • Peter Block techniques to engage the community to help participants share and act on their perceptions through authentic conversations
  • Methods to connect with citizens and understand the importance of representative citizen engagement
  • Incorporating the community into the decision making process and developing a shared sense of responsibility
Building Connected Communities
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Peter Block
Sandra Holder   [ view bio ]
Bernadette Hughes   [ view bio ]
Jim Keene   [ view bio ]
Leslie King   [ view bio ]
Chad Quinn   [ view bio ]
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