Winning awards lends distinction and prestige to recipients. While the award submittal process can be long and arduous, the payoff for receiving the recognition for your efforts is oftentimes immeasurable. Winning an award provides a feel good effect on the submitters that boosts morale as well as the reputation of the organization.

Identifying the right awards to submit for is an exercise that combines your organization's interest areas along with your areas of expertise and success. It is important to find awards that are a good fit for your organization in that you meet the criteria, the program is well established and the submittal process will not drain your organization’s resources to complete. With that said, submitting awards takes time and crafting a good submittal is the only way to ensure you will stand out when it comes time for the reviewers to evaluate your application.

At the Alliance for Innovation we have had an active awards program since 2007. In that time we have seen thousands of award applications and have experience understanding what makes an award stand out. This toolkit captures the Alliance’s best ideas and advice for applying for awards in the local government arena.

Product Objectives
  • Making your awards application stand out
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